You Can Watch a Movie on Your IPod, But That Doesn’t Mean You Will

The number of people who watch video on the go is exploding.  According to Knowledge Networks, two-thirds of the American population have some kind of video-enabled mobile device (this includes laptops in addition to iPods and cell phones). If you’ve been wondering how long someone would be willing to actually watch a video on their cell phone, wonder no longer. Just because you can watch video on your iPod doesn’t mean that you actually do.  While 35% of laptop owners view video on their machines, only 15% of iPod owners and 5% of video-enabled cell phone owners ever do. And when they watch on those tiny screens, they don’t do it for anywhere near as long as they would on a computer: “a typical laptop viewing session is 33 minutes long, versus 23 minutes for a video iPod and 15 minutes for a cell phone with video service.”

Here’s the press release from Knowledge Networks:



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