Behavioral Targeting Through Hot Spot Location

Digital out-of-home advertising is getting a boon from Wi-Fi hot spots, as a new report shows.  First off, location based advertising is possible by seeing where a person is based on the devices they are using.  But integrating this knowledge with demographic info about the neighborhood makes it possible to do some really pinpointed targeting.

JiWire has done a study that analyzes data that show trend and types of people who access data through public Wi-Fi spots. This is important, because, as they say, there has been a 70% increase in devices that access public Wi-Fi in the first six months of the year.  So the study has found, for instance, that the people who access data in coffeehouses tend to be upscale, management males. And 38% of them buy stuff online while they’re sitting around drinking coffee.  Armed with this knowledge, the targeting gets, well, more targeted.


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