The Exec’s Eye View of Social Media – Risks and Opportunities

A recent white paper from Russell Herder, an ad agency in Minnesota, and Ethos Business Law, also in Minnesota, takes a look at how management, marketing and HR executives feel about social media, in terms of both opportunities and risks.  Execs saw it as a good tool to enhance their relationships with their clients or customers (81%), and for brand building (82%).  Well, yeah, that’s what it’s there for.  These execs also saw it as a good recruitment tool (69%) and a way to build employee morale (46%), as well as a way to check out the competition (25%).  But there are downsides to it, and the respondents to the survey understand that. 40% see it as a security risk, and a drain to the productivity of their employees(37%). Interestingly, almost no companies yet have a social networking policy or have ever conducted corporate training on the topic.  This could be a concern, because while in people’s minds there is a real divide between their work and personal lives, that divide becomes blurry or nonexistent in the social networking world.  Here’s a Slideshare of the report:



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