Video Consumption is Up on All Three Screens

Nielsen’s Three Screen Report aims to at least bring some integration to the measurement of that consumption. Not surprisingly, their latest report found that media consumption on all three screens (TV, computer and mobile) has jumped in a year when people are looking to screens for cheap entertainment.  During the 2nd quarter, mobile video viewing climbed 70% over last year (the largest annual growth so far); online video increased 46%, and TV consumption is at an all-time high of 141 hours a month. But what people are watching where is where the point.  On computers, most people are watching short-from video – primarily YouTube clips, and hard as they might try to change this, it’s more the cat video type of thing. On mobile, however, most of the viewing is of TV network content – I guess this is the “I missed it last night, I’ll watch it on the way to work” type thing.

And another thing —  people in the younger demographics aren’t using the Internet as much as older demographics, yet the growth rate of kids 2-11 online clearly outpaces the overall Internet penetration.



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