Video on Demand and Video on Line


While video-on-demand is still a tiny portion of daily viewing, its usage is growing.  In July, according to Rentrak, there were 655 million orders  which is an 11% increase over June. The amount of time that people spend watching VOD has also increased by quite a bit – by 47%. Interestingly, 476 million of those transactions were free ones, and a third of them were music-related content.  Next up after music was kids programming, which climbed 18% in July.

 On the integration of TV and online video, Michael Kokernak suggests that for consumers, there should be a seamless platform that makes the experience one about video, rather than about where you’re watching it.  For the broadcasters, then, there is a lot of work to do. Big media, he says, “needs to figure out a way to operate (for at least the next five to seven years) with one foot firmly planted in today’s TV distribution platform, while incubating their Internet audiences.” This is a provoking think piece in the Media Post.


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