Centralized Music Video

Later this year, Vevo, the music industry’s hub for video, will launch, powered by (and some of the revenue shared by) YouTube. Theoretically, this could be a big business, expecting to generate some 450 million streams a month.  The fact that it is jointly owned by Sony and Universal may make it attractive to advertisers, but it will be something of a miracle if these guys can get it right. It would help, of course, if all of the majors were players in Vevo, but still their track record at scoping out how people actually get their music (and I would imagine, their video) has not been all that great so far.  And if all of the majors did join, and made this the only (legal) game in town, I can just imagine that it will only be a matter of time before the lawsuits start to fly. Still, as Peter Kafka points out on AllThingsD, though, people were skeptical about Hulu also.  So we’ll wait and see.


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