MSpot Answers the Call for Mobile Video

As DVD sales dip, and mobile use increases, mobile video has increased – according to Nielsen, it has jumped 70% in the 2nd quarter. To answer the call, a mobile media firm, mSpot will be rolling out the first streaming, on-demand movie service across all wireless networks. So far, mSpot says it has revenue-sharing agreements with Viacom, Paramount, General Electric, Universal and The Weinstein Co., and Daren Tsui, mSPot’s CEO expects that all the major studios will be on board. Here’s the deal:  users would pay $4.99 for a single title or at least $9.99 a month for a monthly membership, both of which are comparable to traditional movie rental packages. No download is needed, and films can begin playing within seconds of being purchased. And of course, since it’s mobile, users can choose movies while they’re on the move, without worrying about transferring files from their PC to their device.  The big question for me would which movies would be allowed by studios to be seen on mSpot, given the draconian rules that the studios have about which movies get released when.  Tsui says that movies will be released to mSpot at the same time that they’re released on DVD. Taken from Dow Jones News Service which is available, unfortunately, only by subscription.


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