Brands and Their Social Media Commitement

Once again, a study showing that brands are using social networking more and more to engage with their customers.  Three quarters of online retailers said that brands were  more committed to social media as a tool than they used to be.  The retailers themselves are increasing their social activity, so that  they can be more engaged with their customers.  But they are afraid that they don’t quite know what they’re doing in the social realm – they feel that customers might abandon them when the next, more socially engaged site came along.  And they are right.  The online audience is, if we have learned nothing else from the last ten years, fickle.  It seems to me that as far as brands are concerned, using social networking as a method of increasing loyalty is only half of the story.  People become loyal to products, or stores for that matter, because they are well-served by them in some way.  Which does not only mean having some kind of cool app to play with. The biggest fear, though, is that their brand will “be trashed”.  That’s a very realistic fear, and it can wreak havoc with a brand if it does not have the infrastructure in place to counteract negativity.  The thing is, getting on to Facebook because you know that’s where you are supposed to be, is a piece of the puzzle – the whole puzzle involves a strategy that covers every contingency.



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