Mapping the Great Indoors

Location devices on our smartphones, cars and computers are really helpful.  And say what you will about the intrusiveness of Google Maps, it’s really pretty terrific.  A company called Micello is in the midst of charting all the territory that Google hasn’t – inside buildings. Micello will work with Google Maps, which will get you to an address from your mobile device. And at that point Micello will take over and by clicking on a Micello icon, the user will then get a map of the indoors world. Of course, users will also be able to share their really exact location with Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

Ok, there’s something extremely creepy about this to me.  I’m not sure what, though.  In a way, it makes perfect sense.  In another way, I think that over-reliance on this type of tool can make our brains very much like a pimento inside an olive – mushy and a bit piquant but beside the point.  I was in a car with someone once who used his GPS to back out of his driveway.  He kept going up on the curb, whereas if he had used his eyes, he would have gotten to the street with no problem.


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