Meet the Vook

If Vevo was the Hulu of the music world, a new service called a vook is purporting to be the Hulu of the book world.  A vook is a cross between a book and a video, which can be read/viewed on either the web or a iPhone. Vook is also the name of the company, a San Francisco start-up that’s partnering with Simon & Schuster to deliver, at first, four works, which will sell for $6.99. Eat that, Kindle – which cannot support a vook, since it can’t support video. Simon & Schuster, like all publishers, grasping at straws of what will be the next game-changing technological advance, is calling this a “game-changing model for reading”.  Somehow I don’t think you’ll ever find “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” on this platform.

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