Publishers Sound Off on New Platforms

In a somewhat more mainstream game-changing model, a study by ABC took a look at how publishers (of magazines and newspapers, not books) are preparing for the digital market, with particular focus on mobile.  Most are “paying more attention” to mobile as a prime opportunity to expand their brand and reach new audiences.  And, at the same time, increase their revenue.   A bit more than half are preparing their publications for reading on teeny screens. Newspapers are on the forefront of this changeover, and business and consumer magazines are close on their heels. One-third of publishers who track their web readership say that mobile devices currently account for between 1% and 5% of their readership, but that number is sure to increase over time. And what about those e-readers? 42% of the publishers surveyed felt that e-readers would be a viable distribution platform for their publication within five years. But most of the energy is going toward smartphone distribution, since that is a platform that will be in every potential readers’ hands. 56% of the publishers who don’t have currently a smartphone app in production said that they were planning to produce one in the next two years.  Here’s the study:


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