The Most Trusted Source in News – No Such Thing

Everybody trusted Walter Cronkite, but those days are long gone.  Pew Research found that people don’t tend to trust news sources any more. At an all-time low, only 29% of Americans feel that news organizations present accurate representations of news, and 63% say the news is often inaccurate.  And here is, what to me is the kicker – only 20% say that news organizations are independent of “powerful people and organizations”.  They might have been saying that when Hearst the first was alive, and maybe in a sense we are going back to the days of yellow journalism.  60% say that news organizations carry a political bias. Pew looked at the numbers for both Democrats and Republicans, and though as you might expect, a greater number of Republicans feel that the news tends to favor one side, the numbers are not that much loser for Democrats. That Fox is favored by Republicans, and MSNBC by Democrats is a no brainer, but CNN and Network News are viewed unfavorably by Republicans as well. Still, most people get their news from television one way or another (71%).  42% get most of their national and International news from the Internet and 33% from newspapers. People use newspapers more for local news, and feel that local TV stations do a better job than local newspapers or radio stations in uncovering local news.


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