Turn off That Computer and Watch TV

Bloomberg reports that Time Warner Cable is about to offer its digital TV customers an opportunity to watch shows whenever they want, without buying a video recorder.  TW found that 80% of the people who watch television on the web do so to catch up on shows that they missed.  So, in order to keep people attached to the set, TW is launching a project called Enhanced TV which will allow viewers to Start-Over (which you can do on some channels now), Look Back (which will let you watch shows up to three days old) and watch programs more than three days old as well.  Look Back is being tested in South Carolina and Hawaii, and the On Channel On Demand (the more than three days old one) is still in development. Ultimately, the plan is to give viewers the opportunity create an online playlist of their favorite shows, which they will be able to send directly to their TV. TW is also planning to increase its On-Demand library to about 100,000 hours of programming.



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