Windows Mobile is Unloved

There’s a great deal of media churn, not to mention advertising, about the operating systems on some smartphones – iPhone, of course, and Android, Google’s entry into this market.  But most people have phones that run other systems like Windows or Symbian. Fine, except they don’t tend to know it.  As AllThingsD points out, Windows Mobile has “such poor that it [the CFI Group] was forced to group it in the ‘Other’ category in its Smartphone Satisfaction Survey.”  The study goes on to say,  “The ‘generic’ smartphone is unloved, unappreciated, and unlikely to encourage any devotion among its users. Its main role appears to be as a stepping stone to a ‘branded’ smartphone….Our data indicates there is little future for the ‘generic’ smartphone. Or, to be exact, the first generation of ‘generic’ smartphones. The iPhone has clearly raised the bar, but given the performance of the initial versions of the Pre and Android, the gap is narrowing. It’s clear from our data that the Android and Pre are worthy competitors to the iPhone, and more recent versions of the BlackBerry pose a bigger threat.”


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