Another Device You Don’t Need

One of the main advantages of smartphones is that they alleviate the need for carrying around three or four devices.  Which was such a drag – for men, their belts were sagging under the weight of a phone, a PDA and a music player; women stuck these things into different segments of their pocketbooks and were forever searching around for the proper device.  Just in case you think of those days with fondness, or you get irritated every time your tiny little TV viewing gets interrupted by a phone call, there is now, or will be soon, a wireless handheld TV with its own dedicated network. This little TV, called, appropriately enough, Personal Television will cost $250 with subscriptions at $9 per month.  It is, or will be,  available through AT&T as well as Verizon’s V-Cast, and will offer 15 channels including CBS mobile, CNBC, ESPN, Fox News, MSNBC, MTV and Nickolodeon.  It will have a touch-screen, allowing users to change channels with a finger swipe.  So you can look though channels and find nothing to watch while you’re sitting in Starbucks, and not just at home. An in-car model is on its way as well (so when you’re not busy killing people while you’re Twittering in your car, you can do it while watching TV in your car).  And soon after that it will come equipped with a DVR.  So that you can wait till you pull over. Hollywood Reporter has the story.



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