E-Reader Tales

The Post reports that several major publishers, including Time, Hearst and the recently reduced-in-size Condé Nast, will create a new e-reader for magazines and newspapers. This will be an alternative to the Kindle, which cannot at this time reproduce color or graphics. Their content will be compatible with not just their reader, but also Sony and HP, as well as what the Post calls “the new Apple reader”, which is so far just an unsubstantiated rumor.

Meanwhile, over in e-book world at Amazon, their new “Global Kindle” has made an appearance, and so has a lower price in the “US only” version of the device.  This comes on the heels of an announcement about the impact of digital readers on the reading public.  Forrester predicts that by the end of the fourth quarter, about 3 million of the devices will have been sold. This is about a million more than the analysis firm originally predicted for the year.  They anticipate that in 2010, this year’s numbers will again double, to 6 million. Still, Forrester says that price remains a barrier to most people’s entry into this market, Amazon discount or no Amazon discount. 60% of those questioned in a Forrester study will not consider buying one until the price drops below $100.   An article in Forbes elaborates on this study, and discusses some newcomers to the hardware field.  Forbes reports.


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