Rupert Murdoch and His War With the Internet

There are a few things that have become obvious in the maelstrom that is the newspaper business; in the tug of war between fee and free. One of the main things that we have learned is that if you (and let’s assume you are a newspaper) have something to offer that nobody else does, people will pay to see it.  If you are offering anything that people feel that they can get elsewhere for nothing, then elsewhere is where they will go.  Michael Wolff, in a profile of Rupert Murdoch in the current Vanity Fair, offers a Murdoch’s eye view of the newspaper business and how, basically, he doesn’t want it to change – for fee is the only way he’s willing to go.  But as Wolff makes apparent, he is really uninterested in all things Internet – “History suggests he won’t back down; the experts suggest he’s crazy. Is he also ignoring his industry’s biggest problem?”



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