The Google Books Story of the Week – Sergey Brin Checks In

 You may recall, if you have been following this soap opera, that October 7 was the original deadline for a revised Google Books settlement.  Last week we reported that the deadline was pushed off to November 9, but on the original appointed day, Judge Danny Chin confirmed that the current settlement was no longer an option. On Monday, Eric Schmidt met with reporters in New York and admitted that they might have to exclude orphan works from the settlement if it were to be approved, and are expecting to have to make other amendments. All of the parties are working continuously to get this deal done by the beginning of November. The Open Book Alliance is still skeptical: “Based on the court hearing today, one thing is clear — whatever revised settlement Google and its partners unveil on November 9th must be subject to full review and scrutiny by the vast array of stakeholders – authors, academics, consumer advocates, privacy groups, libraries, and others – who have spoken out.”  From The New York Times , and from The Open Book Alliance

Meanwhile, Sergey Brin offered a defense of the Google Books project in an Op Ed in today’s Times.  Nobody is really disputing the fact that bringing currently out of print and orphan books into the public domain in an easily accessible way is a terrific idea.  We applaud the concept.  He, of course, glossed over the notion that Google would, in the now discarded settlement have become the de facto owner of all of them.  It does make rather fascinating reading, as long as you read it with an understanding of his agenda. Here’s the OpEd



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