Twits in Cars

Another survey, this one by Crowd Science, found that Twitter is being accessed more from mobile devices than other social networking sites are.  Shocked, aren’t you?  Twitterers use their mobiles to get to the site in restaurants, rest rooms, and most disturbingly, cars.  29% of Twitter users said that they accessed some form of social media in their cars, whereas only (and I use that term loosely) non-Twitter users access some form of social media in their cars.  Can I just say one thing, from the point of view of a frequent passenger and a constant pedestrian?  WTF?????  I mean, if you cannot wait one more minute to alert the world to your current state of mind, could you please pull over first?  We can certainly wait another few minutes to hear it.  There’s plenty of other information in this study, but I was so overwhelmed by this bit, the other stuff seems sort of un-momentous.  You’re welcome to read it though.

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