LinkedIn – More, More, More

This week, LinkedIn registered its 50 millionth user.  The site says that it is growing at one new user per second (a number that has not been recorded on the social media count above).  Jeff Weiner, the company’s CEO, pointed out in a blog post that it took a year and four months to reach the first million users, and the last million only took 12 days.  The post goes on to specify the location of these users.  About half of the membership comes from outside the US.  He says that the per capita adoption rate in the Netherlands is almost 30%, and I can vouch for that.  It seems that about half of the messages that come in from my LinkedIn Groups are in Dutch (at least I think it’s Dutch – it’s certainly not German, but it’s sort of like German.) Other articles that I have seen in the past six months or so have posited that the current job market, or lack thereof, has been the cause of this exponential rise is LinkedIn usage.


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