Net Neutrality and Blocking Traffic

For a long while, we’ve been talking about Comcast and its battle with the FCC over net neutrality.  The official argument is that some wireless users use a lot of it, and they’re blocking traffic for other, more moderate users.  A new voice has been heard in this argument, as Qualcomm’s CEO spoke this week at a wireless conference about a crisis in wireless capacity.  It must be met, he said, with ‘traffic shaping”. There is therefore danger in the concept of net neutrality. Regulations, he feels, should not restrict an operator’s ability to manage its data. However, leaving this up to the carrier to decide has already proven, in the case of Comcast, not to be such a good idea.  Comcast has already been castigated for limiting BitTorrent traffic. On the heels of FCC chair Julius Genachowski’s call for net neutrality, it seems that the flood gates of protest are about to open. The story from Cnet.



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