Social Media – More, More, More

Openwave’s Fall 2009 report on mobile internet use shows that smartphones are having a real impact on the increased use of social media.  When you have time to kill while you’re waiting for a bus, why not visit Facebook (where, of course, you will be mentioning that you are waiting for a bus)? The top three domains that are searched on the go are MySpace, Craigslist, and Facebook. For some reason, MySpace comes in as the number one go-to spot.  Which is weird because new reports all show Facebook with more users than Myspace. Hitwise this week, for instance, said that Facebook usage increased 194% in September to 58.6% of all visits to social networking sites, whereas U.S. users’ visits to MySpace fell by 55 percent to a total of just 30.2 percent. (Twitter, which is nowhere near the top four in the Openwave study, and came in with a 1.8% share in the Hitwise one, still managed a growth rate of 1170% year over year).  Of course, that’s all social media usage, not just that which is conducted via a mobile device, but still…. .  In any case, you probably won’t care about much of the Openwave report – like, say, the number of Http error status codes per day.  But from a social media point of view, it’s worth a look.  The Hitwise story comes come SFGate



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