The Stream of Life

After a long lull, there is suddenly a spate of new music sites, and streaming seems to be the order of the day.  Over in the UK, Spotify is the big name in music, with its P2P instant streaming, and potentially free service – free with ads, cheap monthly sub without. A new service called Sky Songs is launching on Monday, with a cheaper subscription than Spotify’s – it will cost £6.49 (and please don’t ask me to translate that into dollars) per month for which users will be able to stream an unlimited amount of the over 4 million tracks that they will have available.  For the same amount of money they will be able to actually download an album worth the same amount of money or 10 individual tracks. A premium service, for £7.49 will allow downloading of 15 individual songs or an album worth the same amount of money in addition to all the individual streaming you can listen to. Sky Songs has made deals with all four of the majors.  This may be coming along at just the right time, too, since Spotify’s finances are sort of spotty, and some blogs are saying that if they don’t get more people to sign on to their subscription service, they are headed to that big album cover in the sky. From Musically . Meanwhile, back in the States, the music blogging platform, MOG is about to offer a $5 a month all-you-can-listen to service, also streaming. It is supposed to launch before Thanksgiving, and MOG has also made deals with the majors, reports ReadWriteWeb. And, even cheaper than that is the $3 per month subscription that Grooveshark is offering (or you can get it for nothing with advertising).  The company recently signed a deal with EMI, who had earlier filed a lawsuit against Grooveshark as they were in negotiation.  Who knows why – that’s just what the major labels do. Anyway, everything is now nicely settled, although that could change in the blink of an eye. RWW has that story, too.



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