Who Will Own TV Everywhere?

A terrific editorial in the MediaPost discusses how the dispersion of television content from the set to other platforms is impacting the industry.  Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia  points out that there are already several contenders for the title of the ruler of cross-platform video content, and lays out “the four primary battlefields emerging that will help determine who wins”.  I’ll lay them out briefly:

  • Distributed subscriber authentication – making sure that content stays behind the firewall of subscriber-ship, so that paying customers can access whatever they want wherever they want it.
  • Consumer interface – “This battle will be won by the companies that best solve the users’ problem in discovering video content that they might enjoy. It will be all about relevance, recommendations and navigation.”
  • Creative content packaging – offering new kinds of subscriptions that will make it easy for users to get what they want, and offer content that they will pay to get.
  • Consumer data management – Maintaining a good management system to collect historical data on usage is key, because it will ensure that relevant content is suggested. “Winning will be more about what you do with the data, not how much you can store”.

I can’t help thinking that perhaps there are some other factors involved in the new world of TV everywhere (and it’s really not TV, it’s video content) that nobody has thought of yet, but that will emerge from some start-up and will not be repackaged from the bodies that already exist. Still, this is definitely an article worth reading.


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