Beyond Net Neutrality

The net neutrality issue has been heating up lately as the FCC begins to look into it.  ISPs, notably AT&T are against it, web sites, notably Facebook, Twitter and Digg, as well as Google, Amazon and IAC are for it.  AT&T’s lobbyist recently sent a memo to all of the company’s employees “urging them”, The Washington Post says, “to express their concerns over” the net neutrality proposal that the FCC is considering.  Meanwhile a group of 24 companies sent a letter to the FCC saying that  “An open Internet fuels a competitive and efficient marketplace”.  Ars Technica has another take on the issue, beyond net neutrality.  What kind of neutrality will we need after we’ve dealt with net neutrality? When Google owns behavioral targeting, which seems likely, as well as the entrance point to most web sites through its search engine, is Google Neutrality what we will be seeking next?


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