My Phone – My Self

A new survey from Synovate, on global usage of mobile phones, shows exactly how connected people are to their phones.  Maybe even more than you thought.  82% of them says they never leave home without it, and 42% say they “cannot live” without it. The French and American are more likely than anyone else to own two of them, and 20% of Americans own a smartphone (you’d never know this from the hype – you might think that only three people in the US don’t own an iPhone.  And the second phone is so that they can make calls that don’t get cut off).  With all of the features that even the most elementary phone have, what is it that people use most?  For starters, at least a third of them don’t know how to use all the features their phone has (does that mean that you have to read the 200 page manual?).  The most used features are the alarm clock, the calendar, and games. Now if you have a child under the age of 25, you know that texting is the most frequent form of communication among them.  Sadly, hiding behind a text message to communicate difficult information is a part of that:

  • 12% have broken up with someone via text, led by 23% of Filipinos (but only 4% of Americans)
  • Overall, 8% of respondents have been dumped via text, led by 20% of Malaysians, while only 5% of Americans have been dumped via text
  • 35% agreed that they have used a text to say no or send a difficult message, led by 49% of Filipinos. Least likely to hide behind text are Canadians (79% say they haven’t done this) and Americans (71%)
  • 31% agreed they have lied about why they were running late or where they are, led by 57% of Filipinos. Least likely to lie via text (so they say) are the Dutch (84% say they haven’t) and the Americans (79%)

Wow, what does that say about life in the Philippines?



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