News Partners

And maybe there will just be fewer news agencies.  B&C points out that both CBS and PBS are partnering with independent news organizations to cover areas where they have had to make cuts.  Many of these indie news sites are staffed by reporters who were downsized by their former organizations.  And this might be the wave of the future.  Because although technology might make it seem as though there need to be fewer stringers on the ground, those stringers are the ones who have the contacts, and can get the depth that the larger organizations seek. Partnerships make sense. Some, like the partnership between PBS’ Frontline and are important because of the strictures put on journalists in Iran. The B&C story notes that “In a world of fragmentation and disintermediation, social media (Twitter, Facebook) have enfranchised citizen-journalists. The video that defined the Iran story—Soltani’s murder—was not shot by a network cameraman, but by an Iranian with a cellphone camera. And news executives must deal with new rules of reporting that have redefined concepts of editorial control.” Yet, citizen journalists do not have editorial judgment or a vested interest in journalistic responsibility.  Maybe some partnerships there are in order, as well.



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