RIM and Apple – The Balance Tips

As we mentioned above, only 20% of the mobile market is in smartphones.  We know that number is growing, and the smartphone of choice is increasingly an iPhone.  While the Blackberry still owns 40% of the market, the iPhone’s share is up to 30%, and growing all the time (and double what it was last year).  Numbers from a Changewave study. Imagine what would happen if it were available from more than one carrier.  We’ve reported before that Apple’s satisfaction levels are way, way far beyond that of any other phone.  And yet, the march of potential iPhone killers keeps coming.  Next week will see the release of the Droid, from Verizon, Motorola and Google, which they are hoping will be the one to put the ax in iPhone’s head.   While that’s been said before, reviews on this phone (particularly from BoyGeniusReport, which is practically ecstatic) make it look like a likely contender.  On the plus side is Verizon’s network, and most of the iPhone’s ills are related to the spotty connections on AT&T.  On the minus is the iconic status and ease of use that Apple products are famous for.  So, even if the Droid is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it is likely to overtake Apple only if iPhone users remember that the iPhone is a phone.


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