Who Would Be Willing To Pay for TV Everywhere? Hardly Anyone

Yet another survey.  This one of video users.   Conducted in August by The Diffusion Group, the survey of Internet users  found that over 70% of them had watched video in the past week and more than half had watched TV programs.  Ok, this is not really news to anyone.  But then they asked about paying for the privilege.  This will be interesting to proponents of TV Everywhere whether it comes from Comcast or some other service that’s calling it something else.  TV Everywhere is defined as being able to watch TV shows in a device-neutral way whenever whenever they wanted to. So, who would be willing to pay for TV Everywhere? Less than 5% said that they definitely wanted it.  And over 30% said they would definitely not sign up for it. Among less strident people, 18% said they were somewhat likely to get it and 23% said they were somewhat unlikely to get it.  Then they were asked about whether they would pay for streaming movies.  This is an interesting question, since most people are already paying for movies either from Netflix, Pay-per-View or their local video store. And so, although there is still a big split, it’s smaller: 31% would be definitely or somewhat likely to pay for streaming; 43% are somewhat or definitely unlikely to do so.  In this, as with any study it, of course, depends how people are asked.  Because when you ask people if they want to pay for anything, they almost certainly won’t.  Another issue that never comes up in these TV everywhere, fee-or-free discussions is how many of these people have a DVR?  If you have a DVR would you also pay to watch stuff online, at an additional fee?  I mean it’s still just TV, after all, it’s not like there will be some spectacular new shows on a new platform.  And the penetration numbers are similar; if I recall correctly, about 30% of cable subscribers also have DVR of some kind.  Are these the same people who would pay to watch TV online?



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