Dump the DVD

And speaking of iTunes, it would take a pretty big retailer to set up a viable competition to it.  Amazon, for instance.  And now Best Buy is getting into the act, with a new online store for movies and TV shows.  So, just as Apple may be allowing you to dump cable, this technology will allow to junk the DVD if you haven’t already. The content will be stored on servers in the cloud so that people can watch on any device. It will use technology that is licensed from Sonic Solutions which has a library of 22,000 and deals with every Hollywood major.  Says WSJ,

“Sonic… makes software that goes onto everything from computers to DVD players that allows the customer to download high-quality movies to the device, at the same time that the DVD goes on sale, either for rental or purchase. But Sonic is also the company behind the digital transition, as its technology is also taking the physical movies and turning them into the digital form that is transmitted.”

Their technology, which is already available on TiVo and Blockbuster, will be included on devices by Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic and others that Best Buy will sell.  And I suppose, that’s how it will get digital out of the hands of geeks and onto the sets of middle America, who will have the Geek Squad to help them get over the scary bits.



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