Illegal Downloaders Support the Music Industry

Oh, this is such a tired story by now. France, The UK, and other countries are thinking of cracking down on illegal file sharers with a “three strikes, you’re out” policy that would cut the internet connections of anyone suspected of downloading.  The British Phonographic Industry, the RIAA, and other trade associations have cried about the loss of revenue that they have suffered at the hands of the dastardly music lovers.  Nonetheless,says the Independent,  a recent study in the UK found that although 10% of Internet users admit to illegally downloading music, it seems that these are the very people who actually spend their dollars, pounds and euros on music. They spend £33 more buying music per year than people who don’t admit to downloading.

From Mark Mulligan of Forrester Research: “The people who file-share are the ones who are interested in music,” said Mark Mulligan of Forrester Research. “They use file-sharing as a discovery mechanism. We have a generation of young people who don’t have any concept of music as a paid-for commodity. You need to have it at a price point you won’t notice.” Have we said this enough yet?



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