The Evil Spawn of Twitter

Twitter started up as a service for blogging from mobile phones.  Hence the 140 character limit. Since it’s explosive growth, it has spawned many a barnacle-like product or service hoping to steal a ride on its tail (or coat-tail). The latest, and perhaps most absurd of these is a new product that’s not worth throwing $100 away on, even if you had it to throw away.  TwitterPeek, a Twitter-specific cell-phone, created by a mobile start-up called Peek, became available for sale on Amazon this week, offering itself as a way to “unleash the thrill of Twitter on the go.”  This is as hyperbolic a claim as the “fun-filled sparkles” in kid’s toothpaste. But what it’s really like, as Colin Gibbs of GigaOm says, “It’s akin to having one television on which to watch sports, a second for movies and a third for sitcoms. Oh, and paying separate cable subscriptions for each TV.”


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