Twitter Status Update

One of the ways that social networkers keep on top of what’s happening with their friends, and to report on what’s happening to themselves, is through Twitter.  More social networkers are turning to Twitter as the status update mechanism of choice (although it doesn’t displace other networks like Facebook). And the median age for Twitterers is dropping.  We’ve been saying for ages that young people did not use Twitter, and that’s starting to change. Pew did another report, it’s next installment of the venerable Internet and American Life survey, and this report found that while in December of last year only 19% of 18-24 year olds Internet users (those terms should be synonymous, don’t you think?) used Twitter, that number has now risen to 37%.  What hasn’t changed is that 90% of tweets come from 10% of users, which is the usual standard for any technology.  The whole Long Tail thing.



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