Don’t Want to Buy a Kindle? How About Just an App?

Amazon is extending its options for e-readers, making Kindle an app that’s available for PCs (a Mac version is on its way). The deal is that you get the app and then it download e-books from their store, syncing with your Kindle if you have one.  But the idea of extending their market for e-books to people who don’t, and maybe never will, own a Kindle is a pretty good one for them.  They do have brand recognition, unlike many other desktop e-readers.  PC World says, though, “Until Amazon loosens its DRM and embraces the burgeoning ePub standard, the company may experience roadblocks as e-book readers evolve.”  ReadWriteWeb points out that this effectively kills the argument that other devices are more open platforms than the Kindle is. Still, “the PC market is still far bigger and the popularity of netbooks could also give the app a boost. Reading a book on a PC or laptop is not as comfortable as on a hardware e-reader with an e-ink display, but the free desktop application will allow users to sample e-books and get accustomed to the process before buying an e-reader.”



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