Fake News Trumps Real News

On Tuesday, Jon Stewart reported on a health care protest in Washington DC that was shown by Sean Hannity to be very well-attended.   However, Stewart pointed out, the footage that Hannity used was actually from a rally two months earlier.   On Wednesday night, Hannity apologized, saying the error was inadvertant. Here’s the video of Stewart’s piece.  As Will Bunch points out in the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Jon Stewart understood something that many high-ranking traditional media editors still, sadly, do not understand.That this kind of thing matters. A lot. ….Most editors probably wouldn’t say it exactly this way, but the truth is that we see ourselves as actors who don’t want to tear down that imaginary ‘fourth wall’ between ourselves and the audience, any more than they do on Broadway. But we’re not Broadway; the media is itself a major player in the American body politic, often shaping outcomes by the way we frame important issues.”



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