Finding TV Anywhere

And speaking of online video – OK we weren’t really, but… — wouldn’t it be nice if there were a TV guide for all of the TV you can find on the web?  Because you never know where some of these shows may reside.  As “TV Eveywhere” gets more fragmented, it will get even more difficult.  And of course, just when we need it, someone has come up with a solution.  Clicker indexes over 400,000 episodes from 7000 shows.  It has a playlist, like your DVR, integration with Facebook Connect, and  there is a way to comment and review shows on a wiki. In addition to TV shows, Clicker offers indexing of 300,000 movies that are available though Netflix’s streaming feature, or Amazon’s VOD. TV Guide itself, by the way, in the guise of, is there online with updates that include embedded full-length shows. ReadWriteWeb did a review.


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