Food For Thought About the Media Diet of College Students

If kids are at the leading edge of media use, it’s handy to know how they are consuming it.  The College Explorer study by Alloy media+marketing takes a look at the technology that kids own, and how they are using it.  We all know that they pretty much all have computers, digital cameras and MP3 players.  But the interesting part is that the average kid spends 12 hours a day interacting with some form of media.  You have to imagine that some of this activity is occurring simultaneously, unless they never go to classes or their jobs. And the biggest jump has been in online viewing.  Here’s how the numbers shake out: 

College Student Daily Media Consumption
Product Average Daily Hours of Use
Computer 5.0
Television 2.5
Cellular device 2.4
MP3 player 1.3
Gaming device 0.75
Source: Alloy media+marketing College Explorer, 2009

As far as video is concerned,

  • 33% of  18-24 year old students have increased their consumption of webisodes or user-generated videos over the past year
  • 30% of 18-30 year olds report they frequently watch videos when visiting social networking sites
  • 61% of students who watch full movies do so on their computers, while 76% watch them on their television
  • 60% of college students who use technology devices to shoot, send or receive video content report doing so on their computers, with 45% conducting this activity on their cell phone, Smartphone, or PDA.


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