Murdoch vs Google and the BBC

According to the Financial Times, Rupert Murdoch wants  to sue the BBC of breach of contract, since the broadcasting company ”stole” material from his newspapers.  He is applying the same logic to Google, saying that he will use litigation to prevent the search engine from taking “just the headlines and opening lines from his papers’ stories, indicating that he would not tolerate even that.  ‘[They use] a doctrine called fair use, which we believe can be challenged in the courts and will bar it altogether,’ he said.”  Even he, however, conceded that his papers benefited from the ads around the content.Danny Sullivan, of SearchEngineLand seems flabbergasted by this. “Would Somebody Please Explain to News Corp How Google Works?” he asks. Partially, he was stunned by Murdoch’s announcement this week that he would remove his content from Google searches, although Google responded that it will not index publishers against their will. “Publishers can have Google News index the entire text of their articles but NOT show the full story to visitors who come from Google (for Google’s web search, that’s not an option — but you can provide summary pages). They can also, if they choose, have only a small summary of their content indexed. These aren’t special hidden features…” says Sullivan.  He adds that to be consistent, WSJ should stop giving away anything for free on their site.  The way Murdoch is going, that could be next.



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