Think That Status Update is Too Stupid to Write? Write it Anyway

We’ve had stories here in the past about idiot criminals who left their Facebook pages open in the houses of their victims, and murderers who left text message trails about their crimes.  So it is heartening to see a story in which Facebook was actually used to prove the innocence of a NY teenager who was arrested  for committing a robbery in Brooklyn.  However his Facebook status at the time of the robbery showed that he was in his father’s house in Harlem, wondering where his pancakes were, and Facebook confirmed that the IP address of the computer on which the update was written was indeed in Harlem.  So the next time you’re wondering whether the cryptic comment you want to make is too moronic to bother saying, write the damn thing anyway.  It will float away into the effluviance of  Facebook messages, and it could keep you out of jail, too.



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