Convergence – Social and Video

From comes a real instance of convergence – between Facebook (via Facebook Connect) and video.  Joost ,a video site that is not YouTube , found that users who connect through Facebook are the most active, both in viewing and in contributing to the site.  “

  • Since Joost implemented Facebook Connect in December 2008, the average Facebook Connect Joost user has watched +29% more videos and posted +6% more comments than the average Joost user who has not connected his or her account.
  • What’s more, Joost’s Facebook Connect users have invited +8% more friends, and have joined +16% more groups on average.

Of course, as I said, Joost is not YouTube, and it has not been doing all that well, Facebook or no Facebook. (It’s usage has dropped 74% since June, according to Nielsen).  However, the point is taken that connecting to viewers through Facebook is a really good thing. In this week’s Ad Age, for example, Brian Steinberg discussed using social networking as a way of continuing those “water-cooler moments”  – the “who Shot JR” discussions.  ESPN, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lopez Tonight, and a huge host of other shows are using Twitter as a way to keep their fans connected to each other and engaged with the show.  The payoff, of course, is that the tool can be used as another “tool for sponsors”.  The bigger the fanbase grows – wherever it grows – the better.


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