Holiday Shopping – The First and Hopefully Last Article

The holiday season is now unavoidably upon us.  This year we can expect to see countless reports of how web shopping will trump brick and mortar shopping, and how social media is going to change the whole holiday marketing game.  So here’s the first report from me on the topic, and I promise this will be the last one I discuss unless something truly bizarre, or actually enlightening shows up.  A recent study done by Opinion Research Corporation and Yesmail  shows that nearly half of online shoppers will be doing research by trolling their social networks for deals and price comparisons.  Meanwhile, Deloitte’s annual holiday survey found that among people who were planning to use social sites to conduct this type of research, 60% of them will use it to find coupons or discounts, and 53% will use it to get gift ideas.  This year’s twist, of course is mobile. Deloitte’s survey found that 19% of Internet shoppers will use mobile – to find store locations (55%), pricing (45%) get discounts and coupons(32%) and buy stuff (25%) among other things.  These avenues will only get bigger in years to come. Until one day, when we just think of it all as “shopping”.



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