Music Makes a Move

Those poor beleaguered music companies.  You have to feel sorry for them. Well… In any case, in their desperate flailing around, trying to find a way to make money, WMG might actually have come up with something that will work.  Last week, the company joined in partnership with an online ad tech company, FreeWheel, in an attempt to monetize music videos. FreeWheel’s video ad management platform works with content owners, such as Warner Music, to manage and distribute videos as well as manage the rights, accounting, revenue share and ads that serve up in the videos, which have ad tags. The platform decides the companies authorized to buy and sell ads into the content.

Doug Knopperco-CEO of FreeWheel says that the company created a hub, “an air traffic control room,” to monitor the ad serving and rights management platform, as well as to manage the inventory for about 40 content owners and distributors. FreeWheel tracks the available ad slots and advertisements. About 60 engineers have been working on the system for about 2.5 years. The ads are sold and served on a CPM basis. Will this actually end up being a revenue creator for Warner Music?  The analyst jury is still pretty out on it. Says one analyst, “”It’s complicated because most times, there is more than one for one piece of music, a distributed network, and constituencies trying hard to avoid being tracked.” Billboard has the story.



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