One of Those End Of the Year Overview Articles

One of my favorite tech sources, ReadWriteWeb, has been starting an “end of the decade” look at how the web has changed various media.  It’s a bit premature, of course, since the decade hasn’t quite ended yet (and I am really not prepared to get into the discussion of whether the new decade begins on January 1 2010 or Janaury 1 2011, recalling the whole Y2K stuff). This week, author Richard McManus covered the news industry.  The overview is short and succinct, and is a very good look at how blogs, Twitter, and the web in general have changed how we look at news.  As he looks ahead to the future,  he points out that in his opinion, “the traditional news industry is in much less danger of extinction than the music industry”, which he covered last week. “…[T]here will always be a need for news to be questioned, put in context and analyzed. The best media publications of the next 10 years will do that and be successful, the ones that don’t will fade away.”



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