One Stop Set-Top Box

If you are a truly heavy user of media, there is a distinct possibility that you have a number of set-top boxes – cable or satellite, Roku, maybe Apple TV, maybe a BitTorrent downloader.  There are probably ten other ones that I can’t think of offhand.  But if this sounds like you, you may have more set-top boxes than you have space on your set top. A new product aims to simplify your life considerably.  Sezmi Corp is rolling out about 1000 free subscriptions to LA users to its set-top box and service that takes over all of their TV, DVR and media-sharing needs in one handy little gadget. It takes cable and broadcast channels from over the air, via a powerful antenna in a box: Sezmi simply grabs local broadcast channels as is, and the company is leasing spectrum from local broadcasters to transmit cable channels – including both standard-def and HD.  It doesn’t have all of the eight zillion cable channels you now have, but it also offer a store that sells and rents movies and TV shows from a library of thousands of titles. Oh, and you also get web video.

One reason that this might actually fly is that it has personalized functions on its remote controls that will allow advertisers to target individuals. Part of the Sezmi allows users to put content into theme “zones.” For instance, he says while watching a program on the Discovery Channel, a user can tap into a zone to see other similar programs, VOD content or promotions. “The beauty for Discovery is that it can then upsell to consumers to things like season passes and other types of premium content,” says  Phil Wiser, the company’s president and co-founder. The story came from MultiChannel news.


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