The Big Idea Becomes the Big Story

Contagious Magazine, a UK look at the wonderful world of advertising, had a surprising article this week about the melding of advertising and journalism. Not a union that you would think of, offhand.  But, says John Weich, the Big Idea is giving way to the Big Story.  As advertising moves “towards the type of storytelling that floats seamlessly between online and offline platforms, the industry has unknowingly opened itself up to the influence of professional scribes whose storytelling aptitude rivals and even exceeds the traditional copywriter setup. After all, if the future of advertising is content, which I believe it is, then the industry should welcome the influx of journalists with open arms.” Because, he says, there are few professionals who are as adept as spinning a story as journalists are.   In addition, unlike creatives in the ad business, “they don’t wait for stories to come to them, they actually venture out (outside the office, outside their comfort zones) to find the stories that are actually relevant to both the brand and its target group. With fewer and fewer secure long-term relationships between agencies and brands, proactive pitches may be the difference between landing a gig or not.”

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