The World Goes (RED)

Monday was World AIDS Awareness Day, and Facebook, Google and other entities worked with (RED) to help raise both that awareness and money to fight AIDS in Africa.  For instance, Facebook asked users to change their profile pictures to (RED)-themed avatars, shop for (RED) products and join the (RED) Facebook page. Twitter got into the act as well,, encouraging users to tweet certain terms, @usernames and hashtags, which would turn tweets red and have certain outcomes. For example, for tweets containing #red, @joinred, 40 cents, AIDS, World AIDS Day, HIV and #laceupsavelives would change the color of the text and help raise awareness with users across the site. This is all very well, and very viral, just as the (RED) campaign has been all along.  The CEO of the campaign said, in her Facebook post, “Like social media itself, with (RED) the power is not so much in the act of one individual but in the incredible power of the collective acts of individuals. In just over three years, over 1.5 million people have joined (RED) via a range of social media.”  And here’s the good part: “Collectively, people’s choices have resulted in $140 million being contributed to the Global Fund, with 100 percent of that money going directly to helping fight AIDS in Africa. Millions of people, like you, together have created this impact. But it’s bigger than dollars. This money flows directly to AIDS grants that have already reached more than four million people with testing, counseling, AIDS treatment and services—programs that truly change lives.”


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