Mobile Retail Lights Up the Bleakness

Mobile has continued to be the bright spot in the midst of a bleak economic year.  And recently, its star began to shine even brighter, when ABI Research boosted its forecast.  In January it predicted that sales of goods through mobile devices would jump 54% over 2008, but in October it revised that forecast to 117%.  By 2010, this market should climb over $1 billion.  Marketers are beginning to learn how to use social networking platforms better, building brand awareness and constructing a solid fan base foundation. By next year, they will begin moving toward a definite retail strategy, says eMarketer, and think about how to turn that engagement into sales and brand loyalty.

The fusion of mobile and social and the appetite for apps (among both consumers and brands) will continue unabated. In fact, location- and social-aware apps and utilities will be a key avenue for brands looking to engage consumers on the go. Cheaper smartphones and smarter feature phones will help marketers bridge the gap with consumers, but the onus is still on marketers to provide consumers with a measure (and measurable degree) of utility, relevance and entertainment.


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