Three Ad Agencies Look to Next Year

It’s the end of the year, and all over the place predictions for next year are popping up like little mushrooms after a heavy rain. Most companies cannot wait to bid a fond farewell to this year of strife, and in a usual optimistic way, look to the future for better times.  Interpublic is no exception.  Its Magna unit of MediaBrands predicted that worldwide ad spending would rise close to 6% next year. Other agencies were a bit more hesitant to jump the gun on good news; Group M  and Zenith Optimedia both predict that worldwide spending will rise less than 1% next year.  All three, though, believe that digital media will be the horse that pulls the industry out of the doldrums.  Eventually.  And that emerging markets will be making the revenue.  Magna expects that growth in the US will be 0.2% next year while the other two agencies see next year as a continuation of decline. All told, in the first three quarters of the year, ad spending in the US declined 14.7% over last year, so pulling up some good news, while heartening, might be like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.


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