Vinyl Rises Again – a Bit

Unbelievably, there is some news coming out of the music industry that does not have to do with the RIAA suing its customers or the decline of CD sales. Something in the music industry is growing, and it’s not iTunes.  Vinyl is apparently making a comeback.  And with it, liner notes and cover art.  Granted, the market is almost infinitesimal compared with CD sales even now.  Nielsen SoundScan predicts that in 2009 2.8 million records (new ones, that is) will have been sold. Artists like Jack White, Flaming Kips, Metallica and Radiohead are shipping vinyl, albeit in small numbers.  Small labels are producing records with sleeves adorned with silk-screened cover art. They are hard to find and expensive to produce, since they’re not done in large quantities; a double album could cost $35. But it’s nice to know that some of the new generation is coming to appreciate the record, and if this picks up it could be easier to replace my turntable belt, the demise of which I dread every time I put needle to vinyl.(from Reuters)


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