We Really NEED TV Everywhere

Boxee, the internet TV platform, rolled into private beta this week, and ReadWriteWeb got a look at the product.  It’s a dashboard that lets you pull all of your viewing content together in one place – and does not distinguish between types of files.  It pulls in recommendations from your Facebook community, shows what’s in your Netflix queue, and organizes shows by episode and season.  This could be really interesting, and be another way to pull together the concept of TV Everywhere.  And TV Everywhere is surely a concept whose time has come.  The days of being fettered by time and platform constraints are just about over, as cable operators figure out how to best offer this service. And if anyone doubts that there’s enough interest,  Nielsen’s latest Three Screens report showed that Americans watch an average of 31 hours and 19 minutes of TV per week.  About half an hour of that is viewed through a DVR and 4 ½ hours viewed on the web. Mobile video viewing averaged 3 minutes a week. Internet video viewing rose 35% from the same time last year, and even mobile has grown 53% over last year. These numbers mean, as MediaWeek reports, that people are adding platforms, not replacing one with another. Surely there will be a limit, but it seems that we haven’t come close to reaching it yet.


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